We are the only dental practice sales team in Arizona who can say that we have over 60 years of experience spanning three generations.  We have completed over 2,000 practice sales and countless appraisals.  We have been able to stay in business for multiple generations as we put our clients first and look out for their every need.  Most importantly, we know and understand how valuable your practice is to you, our client.  We know that you have spent countless hours growing and developing your business and that your practice is an extension of yourself.  


Now is not the time to cut corners or make an ill-informed decision.  Dental practice sales and transitions are complex procedures that involve a host of legal, financial and professional considerations.  By enlisting the services of the team at Lee Skarin and Associates of Arizona, LLC, you ensure that the practice you have grown over your career has a smooth transition and minimizes the risks of overlooking critical factors.  If you are considering transitioning your practice, please reach out for a complimentary consultation and practice appraisal.


Seller FAQ

How long will it take to sell my practice upon executing a listing agreement?

There is no exact answer for this question other than, it depends. Similar to the real estate mantra, “location, location, location”, this has a heavy influence on the sale of a dental practice. In a highly coveted area, the transaction can happen quickly and be completed within 6-12 weeks post-valuation. However, on average, we estimate that this process takes 3-6 months depending on how attractive your practice is and its location. In more rural settings where there is less demand, it could take a couple years. There are steps that can be taken ahead of time to set up your sale for success. Please contact us well in advance for guidance on what buyers are seeking and easy steps to be taken to maximize the value of your practice.

How will you market my practice?

We market your practice on multiple fronts. First, we market your practice on our website. We have the ability to include as much or as little information as you feel comfortable sharing. We recognize the sensitive nature of the sale and will only share what information publicly that you authorize. Next, we will market your practice in focused mediums including but not limited to industry websites such as the Arizona Dental Association website, print magazines such as Inscriptions, and/or dental school websites. Lastly, we have a database of buyers that we can specifically target based on the attributes of your practice.

How can I increase the value of my practice prior to listing?

If you are approaching the point where you are starting to consider listing your practice, please contact us for a complimentary consultation. There are some steps that can be taken prior to listing your practice for sale that can help improve the value:

  • Increase your number of patients – Although you may be tempted to reduce your productivity as you approach retirement, maintaining or increasing your patients will help increase practice value.
  • Organize your financial records – clean up your records and ensure only business related expenses are on your financials. It can help to have an accountant review your books to ensure accurate reporting of overhead and profits.
  • Maintain patient records – a buyer will likely review the condition of your records.
  • Improve office appearance – make sure the area is clean and presentable. New paint, carpets, fixtures, etc. can help ensure a good first impression.
  • These are just a few steps that can be taken to maximize the value of your practice. Please contact us for additional steps and a complimentary consultation.

Is it necessary for a seller to continue working at the practice post-sale?

It depends. The majority of practice sale transactions do not require the previous owner staying on staff. However, there are some situations where it may be beneficial and could be negotiated as part of the sale.

How is the real estate sale or lease transfer handled?

In the event the seller owns the underlying real estate, the property can be sold as part of the purchase or leased to the new buyer at an agreed upon rate. With a lease in place, a buyer will have to apply with the landlord and be approved for the lease assignment or if establishing a new lease. Typically, an assignment of an existing lease is used to prevent any increases in rent to the new owner.


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